I have definitely gained more experience in developing my people skills with the diversity of claimants from various ages, cultures, lifestyles and life experiences at A.G.S

- I have learnt the struggles & stresses some youth have had trying to maintain a study/work balance and then lose their casual job with no reason given & trying to get back up again

- I've spent time with people who have a wonderful sense of humor and then you hear their stories of having gotten injured and lost their businesses/careers and trying to recover from that

- When I requested help with my smartphone to get an app that helped me get oncall work. Guess what? A very intelligent young man with Degrees in IT patiently and respectfully helped me. How privileged was I?

- I've heard people's precious personal stories and I've shared some of my own and a real connection was made that we all encounter challenges in life! But we ended up

encouraging each other to press on and never give up on getting that education and getting into that industry or developing that relationship with an absent family member, or walking into that right relationship.

- I heard a precious story of someone trying to manage a health condition and trying to get a job to work around that. But I guarantee every time I greet this person she has the friendliest smile on her face!

- I've observed volunteer supervisors faithfully coming in each day giving their all!

- I've seen department team leaders multi-tasking at another level! THEY DISAPPEAR


- I've often seen management having late lunch (together) THATS TEAMWORK! but some days hardly coming out from behind their desks. BUT!...If I went into their office they have given me their full attention

- LAST BUT NOT LEAST Your C.E.O Well what can I say! I will just share what I have heard the claimants say and that speaks volumes to me! They have all said the same comments that "If you do your work it's ok, but if you don't you will be spoken to" and they all respect you for that. They also appreciate that you are approachable and obviously passionate to see this organization be a success!




Dianne M

In the last 6 months Agoodsupport.org has provided me with an environment to further develop my skills in administration and allowed me to network with other candidates in a friendly and safe environment. Agoodsupport.org is a place where I feel encouraged to share my ideas and thoughts without being ignored. I have gained confidence and improved my communication skills in my time here"

Alana P

Agoodsupport.org has enabled me to fix my sleeping schedule in preparation for work. Having not done any previous IT work, I have learnt that I am capable of doing so. Part of this was discovering that making mistakes is not always an issue but can sometimes be a learning experience. AGS has also provided an environment that nurtures skill development, in my case administration, but I have also seen the development in others with other skills which inspires me into challenging myself by taking on other tasks.”

Daniel H

My time at Agoodsupport.org has been in some ways fulfilling. Besides the general clerical/ administration skills that I have developed, I have acquired new people skills from the daily interactions with other candidates. I have learned to communicate with new clients more effectively and confidently, and a better approach to understanding each individual’s situation and their background.  Also, I have become more organised to come here so early.

Phoung T